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How to Play Pokemon Workshop

How to Play Pokemon Workshop

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OneUp Amusement is launching its inaugural launch event with the How To Play Pokémon Holiday series! Come join us for a 3 hour workshop this September School Holidays across 3 days:

7 September, 1-4pm
8 September, 1-4pm
9 September, 1-4pm
We'll be going through the basics of Pokémon Trading Card Game, understanding the game, what trading cards is all about, and how to get started playing with your Poké-buddy!
We're calling all aspiring Pokémon trainers (aged 7-14) to join us for an afternoon of fun, strategy planning, and cute monsters to add to your new collection.

Parents, feel free to drop your kids off before the event, there's a coffeeshop nearby or if you're feeling adventurous you can join an indoor inline skating lesson at OneUpSkates!
Send any questions via Whatsapp to +65 9456 8346.