USD Aeon 72 Aggressive Skates

USD Aeon 72 Aggressive Skates

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  • USD Aeon 72 Skates, as you may of guessed, have a 72mm Aeon shell. This makes them damn fast for an aggressive skate. Aeon Shells recess the front wheels into the boot to lower the the skate height. This increases control, stability and balance. You now can have your cake and eat it too! My Fit Skinny Boy Dual-Fit Liners are heat moldable should you want to personalize your fit. The Aeon shell is revolutionary for their unibody construction, that combines the shell, frames and soul plate all in one piece.

    Aeon One-Piece Shell ; USD 72mm 88A Wheels ; Wicked ABEC7 Bearings


    USD Aeon Hard Shell Boots

    Unibody Construction - One-Piece Shell, Soul Plate, and Frames

    V-Cut cuff for increase mobility

    Low cut gives more lateral support and forward flex

    Front and rear flex cut

    Tucked memory lock buckle - reduces damage to buckle teeth and latch

    Replaceable Velcro Powerstrap


    USD 72mm 88A Wheels

    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC 7 Bearings

    Unibody Frame/Shell allows the wheels to recess further into the boot, allowing larger size wheels to skate at a low deck height. This allows for better control, stabilitiy and balance.

    Lighter Weight

    Higher Durability

    Less Parts, Tools, and Hassle

    Max Wheel Size: 72mm


    Powerslide MyFit Skinny Boy Liners


    Heat Moldable

    Neoprene and Microfiber Lining

    Anatomical Ankle

    Great Heel Lock

    Thin & Stretchable Front

    Thick and Comfortable Ankle Padding

    Laceable Top

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