OneUp Skates 16th June SkateOut

Calling all skaters, whether you’ve just begun your skating journey, or looking for skating buddies of similar proficiency. We are hosting an exclusive SkateOut event on the 16th June and you’re invited to come and join us.

Imagine breezing down the streets and feeling the wind on your face as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery the nightlife at Marina Bay has to offer. 

We highly encourage you to take this opportunity to relish in this experience and connect with other skaters together.

The route we will be exploring is one of the most popular skating routes, and one of our personal favourites, from Tanjong Rhu to Marina Bay Sands. The total duration will be 3 hours and we will start from PAssion Wave @ Marina Bay at 6.30pm on the 16th June.  

Our Founder of OneUp Skates, Bryant, along with the Head Coach, Kimchi, and our Social Media Manager, Roxanne, did a recce for this route beforehand, and we guarantee you that we had lots of fun! We actually documented this urban recce by filming some videos of our highlights and posted it onto both our TikTok and Instagram accounts, so be sure to check it out too! 

Here's some checkpoints that you can expect during the SkateOut: 

Firstly, we will be passing by Marina Barrage. Along this route, we will be able to catch the breathtaking sunset decorating our city skyscrapers, including the iconic Marina Bay Sands Resort and Singapore Flyer.

Did you know that it is proven to be psychologically beneficial to indulge in such sceneries as it can improve our moods and confidence levels? Away from the hectic and fast-paced routines that we often busy ourselves with, spending some time to appreciate these Singapore landscapes can help reduce our stress and anxiety levels too. 

The sunset is predicted to commence at 7.11pm on the 16th June, hopefully we won't miss out on it! 

The next checkpoint we will be passing by would be one of Singapore's popular food recommendations, Satay By The Bay.

It is hard to resist the temptation of making a pit stop at Satay By The Bay to grab some food when you take a whiff of the fragrant aromas coming from the stalls inside while passing by. Personally, I've been guilty of succumbing to this temptation and ended up grabbing a few sticks of delicious satay along with a refreshing cup of lime juice. 

At Satay By The Bay, there is a plethora of food choices, ranging from Singapore delicacies like the signature Hokkien Mee and classic Carrot Cake, to the mouth watering Seafood Steamboat. If you are looking for food recommendations to satisfy your palate, you can try what Satay By The Bay has to offer!

The third checkpoint we will check off the list would be The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, adorned with luxury brands like Balenciaga and Chanel.

Along the way, you will see a sphere floating on the iridescent Marina Bay. But do not be alarmed, you're just looking at Singapore's floating Apple Store that is the first of its kind, with it's eye-catching architecture design. 

Marina Bay Floating Apple Store

When we passed by the Apple Store, we were distracted by the array of gadgets that could be seen through the clear windows. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that we are prohibited from entering the area with our skates on as it poses as a hazard for their products. 

You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the other floating boutique, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison, embellished with sparkle illuminations that will be hard to miss amid the night sky along Marina Bay. 

Floating Louis Vuitton Boutique

As distracting as these 2 floating stores can be, please refrain from entering while on skates for safety purposes. 

The fourth checkpoint that we cannot miss out will be one of Singapore's most popular tourist attraction, the Merlion statue.

The Merlion is an awesome place to take pictures, creating optical illusions with the Merlion waterfall. In one of our videos, found Bryant even had fun "showering" with the Merlion waterfall! It is definitely a place that you should stop by and check out. 

As these checkpoints are places of interest to not only us, but also tourists and other Singaporeans, we urge that you prioritise safety as the the traffic on a Friday night will be crowded and is not to be reckoned with. There will be joggers, cyclists, and other skaters that often frequent this route, hence we strongly advise that you exercise caution and skate at your own pace while admiring and looking out for these checkpoints. 

At some parts, there may be slight gradual slopes and yellow speed bumps on certain rocky terrains.

1. Please do bring along your skating safety gear and wear them at all times for maximum protection.

2. Also pack your water bottle to prevent dehydration as this route will span across at few kilometres.

3. An umbrella or raincoat in the event of wet weather.

4. A towel with a spare change of clothes to freshen up after the skating session. 

If you share the same joy for skating, feel free to fill up this registration form. Be sure to bring along your skating buddies, we look forward to seeing you there!

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