About Us

Everyone has Freedom to Express


OneUpSkates Pte Ltd is an international skates retail shop and inline skating academy headquartered in Singapore. The company was incorporated in 2020 and has since embarked on its mission to grow a vibrant skating community in the region and beyond. It is one of the largest retail stores and indoor rinks in the country to provide skating lessons daily.
With over a decade of experience, Bryant founded OneUpSkates to share his passion for skating with everyone. As a 90s kid, it was a rite-of-passage to pick up a pair of skates and waddle around the playground and parks as a recreational pastime. Well, Bryant was totally mesmerized by the sport, participating in international competitions and connecting with brilliant skaters everywhere he went. He saw a spark in skating and devoted himself to igniting the scene with his passion and excitement, allowing more people to feel comfortable and confident to try something new. Thus was born OneUpSkates to bring the exhilarating experience of skating to the next level by providing a fun and safe environment for anyone to explore and discover themselves through learning a new skill.


Throughout the journey exploring, we encountered challenges that needed change:

  • No one recognized inline skating as a sport.
  • If they did, they often perceived it as an injury prone activity.
  • There was a major lack of accessibility of general knowledge towards inline skating.
  • Quality/Prices of skates were frowned upon.


So, what was our solution?


The OneUpVision is to:

  • Create a platform for the skating community.
  • Provide premium skates at the most affordable rates.
  • Promoting inline skating as a lifestyle.


We aim to be the biggest indoor vicinity for everyone to enjoy the perks of skating and provide an educational hub for competition hosts and future events related to inline skates and beyond.