About Us

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Skating was a passion founded through teaching classes.  Our founding members of this company started out as part-time instructors dated back in 2012 till present time. Skating was a popular hit back then and everyone has heard of inline skating. However not everyone knew how to skate properly or knew that Competitive skating existed. Many skaters didn’t know routes that are safe to skate and not confident to try new paths. With years of coaching and feedback from our skating students, our company has decided to tackle the challenges we found most critical. However, it took more than just skating around and coaching. We wanted inline skating to be appreciated the same way sports do. That inspired us to start this company so we can grow the skating culture locally 


 Throughout the journey exploring, we encountered challenges that needed change;

  • The sport itself wasn’t recognized.
  • People perceive skating as an injury prone activity.
  • Lack of accessibility of general knowledge towards inline skating
  • Quality/Prices of skates are frowned upon

What we aim to do (Vision):

  • Create a platform for the skating community
  • Provide skates at the most affordable rates
  • Promoting inline skating as a lifestyle

We aim to be the biggest indoor vicinity for everyone to enjoy the perks of skating and provide an educational hub for competition hosts and future events related to inline skates.