Refer Your Pals Here!

Planning to invite your friends?
We got you too!

If you have a group of friends who were keen on skating, or getting themselves started by having their own set of equipment, you might want to check out what we have here for you. We believe that skating should not be regarded as an individual sport, but a community driven one instead. We believe that the strongest building blocks would be the person next to you. So tag the next person to join us in this skating journey with our referral programmes designed to benefit the ever growing skating community!



This Referral Programme will be running for the entire month of August. Existing students that bring a new student in for a Free Trial Lesson will be entitled to a $10 discount on lessons. This offer can be redeemed again and again and the discount on lessons can be added together. Eg, you bring in 14 students for a free trial lesson, you can get a $140 discount on lessons. There is no minimum spend on the lessons to be able to redeem any amounts of discount.



If you think having referral for lessons is pretty fantastic, we got even better news for you! The referral program is also currently available for retail purchases as well, and this program will be running till the end of September! For every customer that was referred to by an existing customer, they will enjoy an additional $10 discount off their total bill. As for the referrer, they will also receive $10 worth of store credit added into their account for every new customer referred to us, stackable up to 5 new customers!


Feeling confused? Have questions unanswered? Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 9456 8346! We'll be glad to answer any of your enquiries!