Powerslide Urban Brake Mount

Powerslide Urban Brake Mount

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The Powerslide Urban Skate Brake Mount works with Powerslide Urban skates up to 110mm wheel size. This includes many of the Hardcore Evo, Tau and even Imperial models depending on the frame. It's a 3-D stamped mount with replaceable rubber brake pad (pad included).

Double threaded axle allows for use on frames using a single sided axle. May work with other brands depending on thread.

Price is for One Mount, One Brake Pad and Hardware


SM = 4x72mm through 4x80mm Urban Frames

MD = 4x84mm through 4x90mm Urban Frames 84-90mm Frames

LG = 3x90, 3x100 and 3x110mm Urban Frames

Replaceable Rubber Brake Pad

8mm Axles